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A person’s astrological sign and horoscope is the blueprint of his life. It describes how the universal energy will affect him, why he was born, and the lessons he has to learn to free himself of his negative karma.The theory of karma states that the desired result for all human beings is to clear all negative action and become one with GOD consciousness. Karma is action in life. Every individual action, whether positive or negative, create karma. Negative karma keeps the individual attached to his body. Positive karma sets his soul free of the cycle of the birth and death and he does not have to reincarnate back into a physical body. Each time the individual is born into a body, the law of karma is in effect. The law of karma determines how the planets are aligned during the exact moment of the individual’s birth. Karma also determines the individual’s sex, place of birth, parents, and who other family members are, the individual’s zodiac sign etc. By understanding the zodiac, and what kind of behavioural tendencies may occur with each sign, people can get a better understanding of who they are. This will assist clearing karmic lessons. The planets indicate what his wants and desires are, and describe the energies available to him to accomplish his goals. The house show him where to go to find out what his lessons are, that are the situations that develop the opportunities for growth. To transform the negativity into positivity, there are many methods described in the ancient scriptures and also modern texts. They are as follows.

    • Mantra
    • Meditation
    • Visualisation
    • Angelic affirmation
    • Kundalini energy
    • Flower essence
    • Aroma therapy
    • Colour healing
    • Gemstone healing
    • Candle therapy
    • Hypnosis
    • Esp
    • Nlp
    • Prayer
    • dan therapy etc


Astrological Predication