Whatsoever, may be the problem a human being faces, meditation can heal the problem. Meditation is a state of consciousness where all things meet on an energy level. Once an individual achieves a state of energetic union with all aspects of creation, he becomes transcendental and is forever bonded to the cosmic consciousness. In meditation, all of maya is pierced by the thunderbolt of white light, and a person no longer identifies with the physical world or ego. It is easy to practice. By the help of meditation, one can awaken the kundalini Shakti, thereby heal any problem may it be physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual.

As correctly said by Sri Swami sivananda, ‘during meditation you behold Divine vision, experience divine smell, divine taste, divine touch, hear divine ANAHAT sounds. You receive instructions from GOD. These indicate that kundalini Shakti has been awakened.’

The resolution [sankalpa] is a prayer or goal to achieve during meditation. This is a short of statement impressed on your sub-consciousness mind during the practice, a way to remove negative blockages and resolve internal conflicts. For best results, the sankalpa is made with strong will power and deep feeling.