To know how talismans, amulets, and charms work, it is important to know howthings in the universe are created. Like a physicist, an occultist defines the universe as being made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Occultists, however, say this energy is intelligent and is the material part of a single divine being. They go further to say that this energy extends to higher frequencies than have been identified by physicists. Occultists define four frequencies or levels that exist within different dimensions.

The highest frequency is the creative intelligence of the universe or a Supreme God. This is where all ideas in the universe are born. A talisman is like the foot of a ladder through the four worlds. It contacts the divine idea and the correct archangel, angel, and elemental builders. It continuously pours power into all four levels until the desired result takes place.

Making its physical design resonate to the forces that it is trying to contact makes the loading of the talisman easier. The talisman should be a colour and shape that corresponds to the force that you wish to attract. It should have occult signs and divine names of power that occultists agree are the earthly representations of the four worlds, and it should be made at a time when those powers are the strongest.

It is hard to be successful in ritual without first removing our psychic blocks; however, success in ritual often removes these blocks. Nothing succeeds like success. The occultists who have used talismans to improve their environment are more likely to believe that such techniques will improve their future. The occultists can enter an altered state of consciousness. He becomes aware of the next world, and, in his mind, operates upon it. He has effectively laid a new reality over this one. It is a reality where he talks to gods and goddesses’ because he is like a god or goddess. Because this altered reality flows down the worlds, an observer with no psychic ability often sees things that are not on the material level. Because these worlds are built of thought, the language the occultist uses are symbols and images. The ritual act of drawing a pentagram in the air has a reality in realms of thought. Symbolic systems have the power to take the occultist to even higher states of consciousness. There is a further advantage. Once the occultist is walking in the realms of the angels, he can cooperate with them to change patterns of creation. It is easier to make changes in the worlds above this one. They are made out of thought and can be controlled by thought. Immediately after they have been placed in the worlds above, the changes flow downward until they have a material reality.

These are the acts of a high-level occultist, but even a novice can obtain staggering effects from the most basic ritual without hitting deep altered states.

This happens for two reasons. The first reason is because of the great occult maxim “As above, so below, and as below, so above." This statement (which was written in a nearly Hermetic treatise called the "Emerald Tablet") implies that everything that happens on Earth also happens on the other frequencies or levels of creation and vice versa; so a simple ritual actually does stir the angelic levels.

Simple rituals also work because they can unlock potential from us that is so subliminal that we never knew we had it. One talisman consecration ritual only requires a coloured candle to be plunged into a bowl of water as a simple ritual phrase is spoken. Having tested a talisman consecrated By this ritual, I discovered that it is as effective a talisman as those made by more elaborate means. The reason that this ritual works so well is that it focuses the occultist’s concentration on the task at hand. This focus sets up a vortex on all planes of manifestation, drawing astral beings toward the occultist's goal.

Some of the simpler talisman systems work because the angelic contacts, whose job it is to empower it, have agreed to let it work that way. Countless occultists and Wiccans have used this ritual and each success has added to its power. When you use this ritual, it is like you have been given a key that bypasses the need for a large amount of technical knowledge.