What makes the difference between one person's success and another's failure? There are well-educated failures – so it is not just a matter of education. There are failures from "good" families as well as "bad," and successes from "the other side of the tracks" as well as the right side - so it is not just a matter of "contacts" or "class." There are people who fail at whatever they do; no matter how much they may be helped by government, nor how many times they have opened their doors to opportunity's knock. And there are people who finally rise to success, overcoming obstacles and handicaps, even when they have failed before. And there are other people who are successful in everything they do, who have never suffered a failure of any sort. And sometimes the magnitude of their success is so great, or the "luck" that surrounds them so amazing, that we think of them as blessed. These are people who "believe in themselves" and in what they are doing; their vision is often so great that it encompasses a nation, a people, a world. No matter what else it seems, the essence of success power is in the techniques of creative visualization. Recognising that we all have far greater potentiality than we normally use, we will say that creative visualization is a technique for mobilizing our inner sources for success. Inside each of us is a powerful computer, normally just barely operating; and there is a "programmer" who can put all this tremendous capacity to work in order to accomplish whatever we want. Creative visualization is a way to give instructions to the programmer.

It does more than tell you that wealth and happiness and success can be yours if only you will "believe" or if you will "think positively." With a series of easy-to-follow exercises, your mind will be programmed to bring your desires into personal realization. You will be able to change your life.

Creative visualization puts the universe to work for you. And, using the techniques of creative visualization puts you into a positive relationship with the dynamics of the universe. Every creative act brings you into greater harmony With the "force" behind all that is. May that force be with you.

Creative visualization is a natural power we all possess:

  • Creative visualization, used consistently with knowledge and awareness, willtransform your life.
  • Most of us do creative visualization all the time but since we do not do it consciously, effectively, and beneficially, it is more often destructive rather than Constructive . . . making "bad luck" instead of "good luck."
  • Most of this creative mind power is wasted because of conflicts with unresolved desires and instincts and even unknown fears that rob us of success.
  • To liberate this natural power to fulfill your desires, you must bring together all the faculties, the senses, the brain itself, into a "unified field," eliminating all "interior" barriers to the attainment of your goals. Unity requires a method that will: