Ajna Chakra

    This is the third eye of higher mind, the eye that look inward rather than outward, the higher consciousness, center of DIVINE SIGHT, clairvoyance, wisdom, divine experiences, revelation and higher voice. The planetary ruler of ajna chakra is JUPITER. The Sanskrit name for this planet s is GURU [the light that dispels darkness]. Its day of week is Thursday and its esoteric colour is blue. The astrological ruled by AJNA is the ninth house of wisdom, higher education, spiritual teaching and learning, ruled by SAGITTARIUS.

    This chakra, if blocked, shows undisciplined, fears success, tendency toward schizophrenia and sets sights too low. on the emotional level, it shows nightmares, learning of difficulties, and hallucinations. On the physical level, it shows headaches, poor vision, neurological disturbances and glaucoma. Its associated body parts are the base of skull and eyes.

    Its goal is the ability to see others than with the eyes. Main issues are intelligence, wisdom and emotional intelligence.,

    Its food is none. Incense/ oils used to balance this chakra are hyacinth, violet and rose geranium. Crystals used to balance this chakra are amethyst, purple apatite, azurite, calcite, sapphire, fluorite and lapis lazuli. Affirmations, followed by meditation and visualisation used to balance this chakra are [1] ‘I recognize the need for silence and stillness in my life’. [2] ‘I am full of wisdom’. [3] ‘Making mistakes enables me to learn, grow and develop’. [4] ‘I trust my inner self to guide and protect me’. [5] ‘I have nothing to prove. I am the DIVINE PLAN manifesting itself.