Anahata Chakra(Love,Companionship, Marriage & Relationship)

    The esoteric colour of ANAHATA[known as HRIT chakra], is violet and its day of the week is Saturday. It is ruled by the planet SATURN, the planet of contraction, which governs the pumping action of heart and lungs. It is also the planet of austerity and introversion, where by liberation from bondage is attained. Its astrological house is the tenth house, and the sign CAPRICON, on the mid heaven, the highest point on the zodiac. Thus ANAHAT is the gateway to the infinite.

    If it is imbalanced, it shows the attributes such as-lustfulness, fraudulence, indecision, repentance, hope, anxiety, longing, impartiality, arrogance, incompetence, loves too much, fears of rejection, feels unworthy to receive love, self- pitying, possessiveness, withholds emotionally to punish, overly dramatic, co-dependency, melancholia, commitment and/or betrayal, discrimination and defiance on the psychological level.

    If imbalanced, it shows the physical dysfunctions such as shallow breathing, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

    If imbalanced, it shows late marriage, divorce, discord in marriage life, separation, and inharmonious negotiation.

    This chakra’s main goal is forgiveness, balance, compassion, self-acceptance, beliefs about love and relationship.

    To balance this chakra, one may take the help of crystal therapy such as watermelon tourmaline, rose quartz, emerald, green calcite, jade, azurite, malachite or moon stone. Associate food of this chakra is vegetable. Affirmations of this chakra, followed up by meditation and visualisation are, [1] ‘I accept that pain is an essential part of my growth and development’. [2] ‘ The love I feel for myself and others is unconditional’ [3] ‘All past hurt, I release into the hands of love’.