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100% satisfaction with time bound period subject to horoscope analysis. We offer products and services derived from hindu religion, astrological sciences, psychic and metaphysical art and sciences, herbal ritual, gemology, chakra balancing, neuro linguistic programming, vastu science,application of essential oils, bach flower therapy, candle ritual, numerology, meditation, visualisation and positive affirmation having no application of tantra, mantra and yantra or any sort of black magic.


Results may vary. Results are not guaranteed. We do not share, sell or distribute your contact information. Some services-[ subject to horoscope analysis] Divine guidance, Creative genius, utilising opportunity Leave the past behind Peace of mind, blessing and protecting my home, Attracting the better customers, Business success, and Good vibration Love and harmony, banish a past lover, getting a lost lover, finding true love, getting married, mendig a broken heart, and mending any type of fractured relationship. Improvement of mental power, self image, happiness, motivation, reaching your potential, increasing self confidence, banishing negativity, abundant energy, and removing obstacles.