Manipur Chakra(Effectiveness, Royalty And Will Power)

    This is the third chakra, known as navel or solar plexus, center of will power. Its colour is red. This chakra is ruled by SUN, and its astrological house is the fifth house and sign LEO, associated with authority, resolution, dominion, royalty, leadership and meritorious deeds.

    If it is imbalanced, then, on the physical level, one will suffer from stomach ulcer, fatigue, weight around stomach, allergies, diabetes. etc. it is associated with digestive system and muscles, pancreas, adrenals.

    On the emotional level, one will suffer from over sensitive to criticism, aggressiveness, low self- esteem, addictive personality and show the symptoms, such as-jealousy, treachery, disgustful, fearful, delusion, sadness, spiritual ignorance, shameful or thirsty.

    This chakra’s goal is effectiveness, endurance, self- respect and definite purpose. Its life lesion is TO BE, personal power and self-will.

    To balance this chakra, one may take the help of topaz, aventurine quartz, sun stone, or yellow citrine. Essential incense/ oil of bergamot, cinnamon, carnation, rose, or yiang-yang can be applied. Affirmations of this chakra, followed up by meditation and visualisation are, [1]I accept and value myself exactly as I am. [2] I determine to treat myself with honour and respect. [3] I deserve all the love, respect, joy, and prosperity that comes to me. I am open to receive all life's good things. [4] I know I am becoming the best person I can be. [5] My personal power is becoming stronger each day. The associate food is complex carbohydrates .