The center of primal life energy and survival, the first chakra is MULADHARA. The root chakra is said to govern memory, time and space. Its esoteric colour is yellow, and its day of the week is Tuesday. This chakra is ruled by the planet Mars, which govern male potency, basic survival instincts, forcefulness, war and aggression .in astrology, MULADHAR is associated with the first house and the sign, ARIES, indicating survival and financial security.

    If it is imbalanced, a person suffers from financial insecurity. On the emotional level, mental lethargy, unfocused mind, incapable of stillness and difficulty in achieving goal are seen. On the physical level, osteoarthritis is seen. If it is balanced, it gives rise to physical health and fitness, standing up for oneself, survival and physical needs.

    Meditations, visualisation, affirmations, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, bach flower therapy, music therapy etc..are the ways to balance this chakra. It is a certainty.

    For example, agate, bloodstone, tiger’s eye, ruby, hematite, or onyx are used in crystal therapy for balancing this chakra. The associate food is proteins and incense/oils are cedar wood, patchouli, myrrh, and lavender. Affirmations, followed up by meditation and visualisation are, [1] ‘I am taking responsibility for my life. I can cope with any situation’. [2] ‘ My internal mother is always here for me, protecting, nourishing, and soothing me’. [3] ‘ I deserve the best that life has to offer. My needs are always met.’ [4] ‘ I recognise the abundance of love trust, and care surrounding me’.