Swadhisthan Chakra(Emotional Balance/ Sexuality)

    This chakra is the seat of subconscious mind, ruled by MOON, sphere of emotion and procreation. Its esoteric colour is orange. Its astrological house is fourth house of nourishment and motherhood ruled by the sign, cancer.

    If this chakra is imbalanced, then, it give rise to unbalanced sex drive, instability, feeling of isolation, of pitilessness, of all destructiveness, of  delusion, of disdain, of  suspiciousness and of indulgence in bad habit on the emotional level.

    On the physical level, it is seen that a person suffers from impotence, frigidity, bladder and prostate problem or lower back pain. This chakra is associated with sex organs, bladder, circulatory system, prostrate and womb.

    Meditations, visualisation, affirmations, crystal therapy, aroma therapy, bach flower therapy, music therapy etc..are the ways to balance this chakra. It is a certainty.

    For example, citrine, golden topaz, or carnelian is applied in crystal therapy to balance this chakra. Jasmine, rose or sandalwood incense/oil is used. The associate food of this chakra is liquid. Affirmations to be used are, [1]I am moving toward a time when I am totally happy and fulfilled. [2] I have a right to express my desires to myself and others. [3] I am worthy of love and sexual pleasure.