Vissudha Chakra(Harmony with Others, Self-Knowledge, Creativity)

Vissudha[purity] chakra is referred to as throat chakra is the seat of purification which harmonizes all the diversity. It is responsible for creative expression and communication. This chakra is ruled by the planet VENUS, planet of creativity, wealth, love and artistic expression and the sign, TAURUS, and second house. Its esoteric colour is indigo and day is Friday.

This chakra shows the sixteen special qualities which are seated on the petals of this chakra. Because this chakra governs speech and expression, the petals hold various mantras and musical notes. The first nine vrittis are the mantras: pranava[ mantra OM], udgitha[HYMNS OF SAMVED], mantras HUNG, PHAT, VASHAT, SVAHA, NAMAH and nectar of immortality, AMRITA. The remaining vrittis are seven musical notes: NISHADA, RISHIBHA, GANDHARA, SHADJA, MADHYAMA, DHAIVATA, and PANCHAMA.

If imbalanced, it indicates over talkative, dogmatic, self-righteous, arrogant, holds back from self-expression, unreliable, hold inconsistent views, blocked creative, etc. on the emotional level.

On the physical dysfunctional level, sore throat, nose, teeth, mouth and neck, thyroid, and parathyroid are experienced.

If balanced, it shows harmony with others, self- knowledge, creativity, the power of choice, personal expression, and communication.

Its associate crystals are turquoise, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, agate, Celestine, sodalite and sapphire and the associate incense/oils are chamomile and myrrh and associate food is fruit. Affirmations, followed up by meditation and visualisation, to balance this chakra are [1] [2] ‘My thoughts and speech are considered before I utter them.

  • I delight in my self- expression and in all my creative pursuits.
  • My thoughts and speech are considered before I utter them.
  • I listen to and acknowledge the needs and wants of others.